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Australia is made up of many cultures—both established and new—who speak a language other than English, and hold close ties to their heritage. These consumers have the potential to help your brand grow; by capturing a market through fostering a deep and engaging cultural connection.

And, it’s a small investment that delivers an impressive return.

With Australia’s top five cultural groups earning over $800 million in weekly income (ABS Census 2011), the strategic insights and creative direction offered by multicultural marketing is something few can afford to overlook.

For 20 years, Diverse Communications has been Sydney’s leading multicultural marketing agency, helping agencies, the government and major industries engage with Australia’s growing multicultural communities.

We can enhance the performance of your campaigns through:

  • Strategic advice and Insights into culture
  • Market research-Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Strategic planning
  • Concept Development
  • Campaign development and Implementation
  • Ethnic media planning and buying
  • PR and Community Engagement
  • Translations and Cultural Adaptation in 60 languages

Diverse Communications has been the multicultural marketing agency of choice for the state and federal government, insurance industry, sporting organisations, health and pharmaceutical, not-for-profit organisations and commercial brands. Our research and understanding of cultural demographics provides an effective avenue of engagement and enables you to expand and deepen your reach with confidence.

We’ve delivered results for:

We can help you connect with more consumers from a range of cultural backgrounds, helping you to successfully and cost-effectively grow your market share through expert cultural demographic targeting.

Deliver campaigns that truly speak to your audience, with Diverse Communications.

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